The Plan

This blog has a very nice plan to it. The plan’s for me to get my knowledge of physics solidified. Too many things are either fuzzy, forgotten, or poorly understood. There was a time were I had things neatly ordered in my mind. But lack of practice and bad habits turned the situation around. But no more of that!

This is the list of how things are going down:

1. Basic Mathematics – Based on my course notes of Analysis I,II,III and IV, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics (plus some books)
2. Newtonian Physics – Optics and Acoustics will be considered here in principle
3. Electromagnetism – Special Relativity will be studied here since this is the best way to show Maxwell’s equations covariance.
4. Analytical Mechanics
5. Quantum Mechanics
6. Statistical Mechanics
7. Solid State Physics
8. Mathematical Methods of Physics – Some math already studied in point 1 will be viewed in a deeper light, and some more advanced mathematical machinery will be used.
9. Particle Physics
10. Gravitation and Cosmology
11. Fluid Mechanics – Not much, since I only have a little book in this topic.
12. Non-Linear Phenomena – I don’t know if this point will actually be done. But this is a very pretty topic that wasn’t too touched while I was taking the degree and I’d like to know a little more about it.
13. Quantum Field Theory – Maybe a little too technical even for this blog but we’ll see.

Some overlap is expected and that list is more of a guideline than anything else.

Things will definitely be done until point 10. I’m not really sure if the last two points will be done. Either way we’ll certainly have enough material to take me something like 2 to 3 years in some hard (and fun) work and I hope people won’t lose their interest.


2 Responses to “The Plan”

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