The purpose of this blog is twofold:

  1. Be able to revisit my Physics Education and consolidate my knowledge of it.
  2. Provide a medium where students of Physics and other related sciences can get their knowledge free of charge.

Posts in this blog feature a lot of mathematical expressions. Such is achieved with WordPress native Latex support and Luca Trevisan‘s script. These two tools allow me to write posts in \LaTeX that are converted into WordPress friendly html. That way the process of writing posts is a lot less tedious and the final output is a lot more clear.

All content is licensed under:

Creative Commons Licence
This work by Armando Teixeira is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Deuscontes Says:

    Finalmente consegui encontrar o teu blog depois de nos termos encontrado. Esta muito bom mesmo

  2. Dear ateixeira,

    I know your blog from Luca’s page of Latex2WP..
    Well, this tool is so wonderful, but I cannot know how to operate it. I have installed python (currently I work in Windows), and when I try to write the “python latex2wp.py example.tex” on the command line, “SyntaxError” message comes out.

    Surely, need helps ^^

  3. Hi Octavian!

    I’m no specialist in Python but my guess is that you’re running Windows Vista. if that is the case I know that there are some problems in running Pyhton.
    I think that you should first just write at “pyhton” at the command prompt and see if the command is recognized. If it isn’t then it means that Vista doesn’t recognize the command path. In this case you can follow the procedure given in this page here.
    If this also fails what you can do is to copy the python executable to the folder where you have the .tex file and in principle things will have to work in this way.

    Another question that I have is if you have changed any of the initial files given by Luca Trevisan?

  4. Hi ateixeira,

    I have successfully solved the problem about my python installation, and the first post is here:

    Very thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Octavian!

    Glad to see you worked out your problem.

    I had a look at your postand it looks good even though I just could understand the equations.

  6. Hohoho yeah I often write in Indonesian because those posts are for my friends that need an explanation about the topics. But surely next time I will write about my own topics ^^

    Ateixeira, I am in a lie if I have to say that your blog is bad. It’s such a great..
    I see your posts are (for this time) dominantly mathematical stuff, and it fits me well. I am a physics student that likes math so much, especially analysis and differential geometry. Surely I think we can be friends..

  7. Thanks for the compliments. Yes for now the posts are more mathematically inclined, but that’s because I think that a sound education in maths is necessary for a good education in Physics.

    I wish I had a little bit of more time so I could update this blog more often, but alas it is not the case.

    Of course that we can be friends I already left a comment in your blog so that you can have my email.

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  9. Thanks a lot William Lee.

    I’ll give my best to keep on doing a good job.

  10. Octavian, could you mention how you managed to solve the problem?

    I’m on Vista and I’m afraid I’m having the same problem…

  11. Ack! I’m sorry about that; I thought I was commenting on Octavian’s blog. x.x

  12. No problem. Have you altered anything from what Luca Trevisan wrote or are you running latex2wp without any changes.

    I’d suggest for you to compile the tex file using the original files from Luca and see what you get. Then make your changes, one at a time, and when/if things blow up it’ll be easier to understand what may have gone wrong.

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